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Blended Beverage Mixes
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Frappes and Lattes. Blend your way to profits! Also known as Frappe Mixes. Easy to make. Just add ice, milk or water. Make your own signature drinks!
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  Cafe Essentials (by Dr. Smoothie)

Cafe Essentials is Dr Smoothie’s gourmet specialty beverage line. Creating a stir in the specialty beverage industry, Cafe Essentials has developed multitudes of flavors that are sure to please any palate. These taste profiles are unique and exciting that sets Cafe Essentials apart from the competition.

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  Big Train
Big Train is the professional's choice for amazingly delicious beverage mixes that are easy to prepare.
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  Jet Blended Iced Coffee Mixes
Jet Blended Ice Coffee Mixes present rich, creamy indulgence in harmony with sensible ingredients for an unbelievable frozen drink experience. Features premium Arabica coffee and real decadent ingredients like cocoa, vanilla beans and caramel. Made with sunflower oil for 0g trans fats, 90% less saturated fats and no hydrogenated or tropical oils.
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Headquartered in our new facility in Irvine, California, Innovative Beverage Concepts Inc., creators of MOCAFETM, MOCAFE ORGANICSTM, and TEAOLOGY® TEA, has been a leader in developing over 100 high quality, award winning, innovative cafe beverages that are used by professional baristas worldwide since 1996.

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  Da Vinci Gourmet
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