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Shipping Guideline for British Columbia (BC)

updated Feb 15 2022

With the closing of Greyhound all over Western Canada and higher delivery costs, we need to implement some temporary measures for shipping customer orders. Certain locations in Western Canada will immediately be subject to additional shipping charges. Minimum orders will also be increased for most locations.

BC Location Minimum Order  Delivery Charge  Notes 
Lower Mainland $                       200 $                     7.95 
Victoria $                       200 $                   10.95 
Fraser Valley $                       250 $                   10.95 
Squamish / Whistler $                       400 $                   11.95 
Rest of BC Yes  Yes Please contact us for details.

Orders for less than the minimum order may still be processed but with potential additional delivery charges, depending on location. Please contact us for details.

Please contact us if you don’t see your city or town on the list for further shipping guidelines.

Existing customers and/or Key Accounts will have their own Shipping Guidelines. Please contact your Account Representative.

This guideline will be updated as new freight companies adjust their routes in the next few months to make up for all the Greyhound routes.

Rates apply to COMMERCIAL ADDRESSES only. Residential addresses are subject to a surcharge of $25 on all orders.